Why Did Hillary Clinton Need a Private Server

Unless you live under a rock, it’s no secret that Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State of the United States of American, used her own private server for her government email. In fact, she has said that she used the same email account for her personal email as well as her government email. Why, she freely admits, is because it was ‘easier for her’ to use one email account instead of two. Wow! I would like to have used one email address for business and personal email as well, but how dumb would that be?

downloadIt is said that Hillary Clinton is the only Secretary of State to not use an @state.gov email address. For four years, she used her private email account on her private server exclusively for all correspondence, government, secure or not, and personal email. No one in the history of the United State of America State Department has used their own private or any private server to avoid a state.gov email address.

When this was brought to the attention of the American people as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Former Secretary Clinton immediately went through her email account and deleted over 30,000 emails and later claimed they were personal emails. As a result, there was no oversight of the deleted emails by the FBI or anyone else for that matter.

Secretary Clinton claimed none of the emails transmitted through her server were classified. How does a Secretary of State do business in this day and time without sending or receiving a single email that would be considered classified? Once the FBI started going through and releasing the emails to the media and to the American people, there were 22 emails considered to be ‘top secret’ and were not allowed to be released. Does that mean they were classified? Probably.

So the question remains, why did Hillary Clinton need to use her private server exclusively? I don’t believe she ‘needed’ to, but instead ‘chose’ to for obvious reasons. She was doing something she didn’t want the government or the American people to know about or have access to…simple as that! If she were to answer that question honestly or if we could see all of her emails, it would possible lead to her indictment and the chances of the democratically controlled White House & Justice Department allowing that to happen are slim to none!