Recovering Lost Files

It is an awful feeling in your gut the second you realize that a document or picture has escaped from your computer. But do not panic yet. Chances are the document or photo is still available on your operating system even if you unintentionally deleted it. Your system can’t seem to locate it any more.

The most common reasons for loss of documents or pictures follow:

Stethoscope and Hard Drive Disc

1-Unintentionally deleted: You didn’t intend to delete it, but a disk cleanup was being performed or you thought it was no longer needed. It isn’t in the recycle bin, however, it will still be on your computer until the disk is taken up by another file.
2-Overwritten: you created a new file over the top of it. The old date may still be there and hopefully you can recreate it.
3- File corruption: The disk appears empty or the document or photo name looks like gibberish. The docs probably still there, but the pointers to them are corrupted or lost and the operating system can’t find them.
4- Damaged hardware or failure: You are receiving an error message when you attempt to read the disk and it is not being recognized by the computer. The documents or pictures are probably still on the disk but the drive is unable to access it.

In most cases, there is a good possibility the information you thought you had lost is still available. The system can’t see it or find it, but data recovery software might be to help you. If a hardware failure is the issue, a data recovery professional may be able to recover the date using specialized equipment.

There is one critical rule when preparing for date recovery: the best chance of regaining your files, documents or photos, you cannot write any new date to the disk they were stored on. The data will only be retained on the disk until the space it occupies is taken up by another file you create. If your main hard drive contains the disk, the drive is being written to constantly. Your best chance of recovering the information is to shut down the computer as soon as you realize you have lost critical information. Use another computer to do your search for repairing the problem.